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100pcs Compressed Wet Wipes

100pcs Compressed Wet Wipes

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Discover the ultimate convenience in cleanliness with our 100pcs Compressed Towel Tablets. These portable, magic towel wipes are perfect for travel, outdoor adventures, and everyday use. Whether you're on a family trip, at the office, or camping in the great outdoors, these compressed towels are here to make your life easier.

Key Features:

  • Convenient and Portable: Each tablet is compact and easy to use. Simply add water to expand the compressed towel to a reusable size of 20 * 22 cm. They're perfect for on-the-go use and can fit in your bag, backpack, or glove compartment.
  • Eco-Friendly and Durable: Our towels are 100% biodegradable, making them an eco-conscious choice. Unlike regular paper towels, these compressed towels are more durable and long-lasting.

Versatile Usage:

  • Indoors: Ideal for various indoor settings like the kitchen, hotels, bathrooms, and offices. They are suitable for use in hydrotherapy centers and any other indoor environments where quick clean-ups are needed.
  • Outdoors: These towels are perfect for outdoor activities such as travel, camping, picnics, and more. Keep them on hand for business trips or when you're on the move.

Material: Non-woven
Color: White
Expanded Size: 20 * 22 cm

Package Includes:
100 Compressed Towel Tablets

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Troy Schamberger

Good quality,! responds to the needs

Otto MacGyver

Good product, good packaging, good seller.

Axel Walker

All in place, haven't used it yet

Lionel Will

Ever recu