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Heated Gloves Motorcycle

Heated Gloves Motorcycle

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Winter Motorcycle Heating Gloves - Stay Warm and Connected on Your Rides

Conquer the cold with our Winter Motorcycle Heating Gloves. These gloves are designed to keep your hands warm and protected during chilly rides, while offering additional features for your convenience. For ultimate warmth and protection on your rides, choose the Winter Motorcycle Heating Gloves. Each package includes one pair of gloves, two rechargeable Li-ion batteries, and one charger. Don't let the cold keep you from enjoying your motorcycle adventures. Order your pair today and ride in comfort and style.


  • Batteries Voltage: 7.4V
  • Battery Capacity: 2500mAh
  • Heating Temperature: 45℃-60℃
  • Heating Time: 3.5-6 hours
  • Gloves Material: Cotton, Nylon, PVC Rubber, Synthetic Leather, Polyester, TPU
  • Color Options: Black & Gray or Black & Red
  • Size Chart (Palm Circumference, Palm Width):
    • M: 19-20 cm, 8.2-8.5 cm
    • L: 20.5-21.5 cm, 8.5-8.8 cm
    • XL: 21.5-22 cm, 8.7-9.0 cm
    • 2XL: 22.5-23 cm, 9.0-9.5 cm

Key Features:

  1. Screen Touch Electric Heated Gloves: Equipped with conductive metal fibers on the index finger and thumb of both gloves, allowing you to use your touch screen devices even in cold conditions.
  2. Fast and Long-Lasting: Three heating levels warm up quickly, and you'll feel the warmth within 30 seconds. The gloves come with two high-quality 7.4V lithium batteries with a capacity of 2500mAh, providing 4.5-6 hours of continuous heating.
  3. Full Protection: Hard plastic knuckle guards, silicone finger protectors, and a multi-layer palm material offer protection against impact and abrasion.
  4. Anti-Slip Design: The anti-skid rubber on the palms enhances grip, and the wrist belt can be adjusted for a secure fit. These gloves are high-performance impact gloves that reduce vibration.
  5. Comfortable and Warm: Made from faux leather and cotton blend, the gloves are waterproof, breathable, and feature adjustable wrist belts suitable for both men and women, effectively keeping the wind out.
  6. Healthy and Safe: The Winter warm electric gloves promote blood circulation, relieve cold-induced stiffness in the fingers, and keep your hands cozy and warm.
  7. Helmet Wiper: Easily wipe off rain, water, and snow on your helmet, enhancing your safety during continuous rides.
  8. Great for Indoor or Outdoor Activities: These gloves are perfect for a variety of outdoor activities, such as riding, racing, fishing, hiking, skiing, motorcycling, hunting, climbing, running, sledding, mountaineering, cycling, and more. Enjoy outdoor sports even in the coldest winter. The gloves are easy to maintain, and you can wash them by hand. In most cases, simply placing them in a well-ventilated area will suffice, and washing may not be necessary.
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