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Waterproof Motorcycle Universal Navigator with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, GPS, and Touch Screen

Waterproof Motorcycle Universal Navigator with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, GPS, and Touch Screen

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The MAXCA X6 is your ultimate navigation and connectivity companion for motorcycle adventures. Here's why it's the perfect choice:

Key Features:

  • IP67 Waterproof Rating: Designed to withstand the elements, this navigator can handle rain, splashes, and challenging weather conditions.

  • Universal Compatibility: Enjoy compatibility with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a full-fledged GPS system, making navigation a breeze.

  • Responsive Touch Screen: The touch screen interface provides a user-friendly and responsive experience for ease of use while riding.

  • Unboxing Video: Watch the unboxing experience here.
  • Wireless Android Auto: Discover the convenience of wireless Android Auto in action here.


  1. Does Maxca C5 Pro come with a microphone and speaker?

    • A: Yes, it features a built-in microphone and speaker.
  2. Can I use a Bluetooth headset with Maxca C5 Pro?

    • A: Absolutely. You can listen to all audio, including music and navigation, through a Bluetooth headset or helmet. Additionally, you can make phone calls through it (improvement).
  3. Can I use Carplay and Android Auto simultaneously?

    • A: No, Carplay and Android Auto cannot operate simultaneously.
  4. Does Maxca C5 have a built-in battery, and why does it reset the time when powered on?

    • A: It doesn't have a built-in battery, which is why it doesn't save time settings. However, it syncs the time when connected to CarPlay. Android Auto displays the correct time as well.
  5. How do I establish a Carplay or Android Auto connection?

    • A: There are two methods:
      • Wireless: Pair your phone with Xplay via Bluetooth first, then confirm Carplay or Android Auto usage on your phone. The connection utilizes 5G WiFi, and Carplay will automatically connect to iPhones after the initial pairing. Android phones require a tap on the screen to confirm Android Auto usage. Ensure your phone's Bluetooth and WiFi are enabled.
      • USB Connection
  6. Which iPhone and Android versions support Wireless Carplay and Android Auto?

    • A: iPhone 6 and later versions support wireless Carplay. Android cellphones need 5G WiFi functionality to support wireless Android Auto.

Additional Notes:

  1. Supports Cardo, Sena, Midland Next Pro, Vemoto V8 BT intercom (BT intercom supporting 2nd phone/GPS/tablet pairing mode). Not compatible with Midland Rush intercom currently (HFP/HSP).
  2. Also compatible with Bluetooth smart speakers like Amazon Echoshow 5 and BT dongles.
  3. Avoid connecting your phone to iWatch or any Android Smartwatch while CarPlay or Android Auto is active, as these third-party Bluetooth devices may cause issues.
  4. Do not use your phone as a WiFi hotspot while CarPlay or Android Auto is in use.
  5. For Huawei phone (EMUI) users, enable "Mobile data always on" in phone developer options for wireless Android Auto to work, or it will function as wired Android Auto only.
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